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White Rose Paving, install all types of paving, there are many designs, many paving materials and many layouts

More about Paving

Our Paving products options are vast:  For example we offer Indian sandstone (stunning and hard-wearing) and it even improves over time with weathering. Indian Sandstone paving stones can be used in any outdoor setting from paths and borders to driveways and patios.

Our paving products are available in a range of materials, styles, colours and sizes to suit any location.

Examples of the Colour Range:

Mint, Fossil Mint, Raj Green, Raj Blend, Buff, Cathedral, Camel Dust, Kandla Grey, Modak, Golden Brown, Mellow Yellow, Golden Leaf, Black Sandstone.

Paving Services

We are specialists in laying driveways (and surfacing of Patios and Pathways) using Block Paving Methods and Products.

We can offer you a choice of mixing products, to enhance your driveways, a vast range of options that suit your budget.  ie. Paving stone, tarmac, resin and mono blocks.

Tarmac is a really good, cost effective solution for creating a hard standing for vehicles.

A tarmac driveway properly installed with other paving products will really stand out. ie. paving blocks layed on the entrance and edges of tarmac drives look stunning.

This material is a very functional surface and lasts for many years.

The appearance is not overwhelming, but if some thought is given to the design using , a tarmac driveway becomes a beautiful addition to any home and a good investment.

Tarmac has always been and still is the best value when it comes to creating a long lasting hard standing that will stand the test of time.

Ideal product for use as footpaths and residential driveways.

What to expect after your tarmac driveway has been installed?

We would always recommend as a precaution measure, that you shouldn’t attempt to drive on a tarmac surface for the first 3 days after the installation process has been completed. This is when you’ll find the surface at its softest, any vehicle movement could lead to indentations.

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