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About Landscaping

We work closely with our clients at every step of the project, we employ a "client centered approach" to produce creative landscaping.  This includes: stonework, surfacing, brickwork fencing and other light civil engineering.

Our specialist fencing team ensures that our landscaping projects are complemented by integrated security and fencing of the highest quality. 

We use good quality products from well established companies and there are many types of block paving products to choose from, as well as other landscaping materials to choose from. Call us if you need a solution to your landscaping.

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Landscaping Services

lay all types of  paths, whether they are required for leading up to your front door, leading round your property to garden paths.

We believe that garden paths should look great, link, lead and lure as well as being practical and functional.

We offer great scope for imaginative designs.

Paths can be installed using a variety of materials, colours, shapes and sizes.

They can make a garden more accessible for the home owner.

Carefully thought-out paths strike a balance between necessity and style, seamlessly linking house and outbuildings with the garden and its features – all whilst also blending with the existing architecture and materials.


White Rose Paving are experts at laying new designer patios to enhance your property - so call our team today on for more information on how we can turn your dream of a new patio into a reality.


When deciding on a new patio, there are many options to consider such as the materials to be used, budget for the project, size of the patio, design layout, colour, texture etc. Our experienced team are on hand to help and advise you with these decisions to make sure you end up with a stunning patio that perfectly complement your home.

We supply and install fencing. 

There are choices of size, style and design. 

Fencing is a cheaper alternative than brick walls, we also supply posts and concrete bases, if required. 

Fencing provides boundaries between properties, and privacy. 

Fenced in gardens also helps to provide a safer area for children to play in and also helps to keep pets enclosed.

Garden walls made of brick or cement blocks held together with cement mortar and are often rendered (depends on the look, that you, the client is looking for).

Cement blocks come in a variety of types, including
Solid Concrete Blocks
Hollow Concrete Blocks
Lightweight Aerated Concrete Blocks
Flyash Concrete Blocks

Traditionally, masonry walls were made with natural stone products.

Some of the world's oldest walls are made with stone, which is an exceptionally hardy building material. 

These can look stunning when used in a garden setting.

Masonry walls are heavy, and require lots of skilled labour. Their weight can also be a problem (you will need a good base).

Heavy masonry walls cannot be moved around once they are constructed, as they must rest on well designed foundations to carry their weight.

Other materials for walls include stone or furnace (ceramic) bricks. Stone that is cut into cuboids with smooth faces is called dressed stone, and walls constructed with this type of stone are called ashlar masonry walls. Walls that are made with rough (undressed) pieces of stone are called random rubble walls.

We install good quality, weed free turf. 

Having turf laid gives you an instant lawn, unlike scattering grass seeds which may not cover the whole area and is easily blown away or dispersed by the weather or birds feeding on it. 

We prepare the groundwork first in order to establish a good base for the turfing to be laid. 

For the first two weeks, the turf needs regular watering and we advise not to walk on it for the first three weeks to give the turf time to bed in and encourage it to root.

We take pride in delivering quality services to our customers. We also lay new turf lawns or we can dig out and re-turf your existing lawn.

A new lush lawn to instantly transform your garden.

We supply and install artificial grass. 

There is a choice of colour and type of artificial grass. 

If you are looking for less maintenance in a garden and still want a lawn, then this is for you. 

Artificial grass is safe for pets and children. 

We still need to prepare the ground first and preparation is the key to installing the artificial grass. 

No more mowing, you can sit and relax.

Gravel surfaces are fast becoming the most popular material in the UK for a number of reasons,

including the low cost of installation.

Gravel driveways can look fantastic.

Low maintenance is required, such as raking and brushing loose stones back into place.

Other advantages include a quick installation and a range of colours to choose from.